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Need money? Need help with saving? Have financial Goals?

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Seng is the Group Saving App that helps you Save Money Faster together with your friends, family and or colleagues.

Build Credit, Borrow Cheaper, Invest Better and Save Faster!

Social Awareness

Seng was founded exclusively by volunteers and people who made it their mission to do something about the financial inequality. For example experiencing income differences is one of the ungoing biggest issue we all deal with every day. By making Seng available to the public we want to lower the threshold and reduce the hassle for people who seek and need funding. At the same time people who want to help their friends, family members and or colleagues financially can do this through Seng in a safe way.   

Seng is truly a simple way of supporting each other. With Seng we hope to empower users to help themselves and their network financially move forward to the better.  Every year we organize beneficial get-togethers, business pitching workshops, lectures, events, and exhibitions to share our vision of how to turn around common financial issues.  That is what we at $€NG are all about!

Sustainable Development Goals

Upcoming Events

How Seng Helps

When I was growing up in San Nicolas, Aruba, this was a very popular way of getting a loan. We called it Partner Box or Partner Hand back then. The Seng system is a great alternative to those payday lenders who charge what I call “out-of-control” interest rates.


Pool member Saving

Ik had snel geld nodig om rekeningen te betalen en om mijn droom bedrijf een vliegende start te geven. Ik gebruikte mijn eerste € 1.000 om te investeren in een goede 2e hands auto. De rest van mijn ontvangen uitbetaling investeerde ik in mijn bedrijf.


Groepslid van Investering

If you get it later in the cycle, Seng acts as a savings account. I’ve used my first payout for expensive dental work. And I like that the peer pressure kept me paying on time…this is what I call loyalty from my money pool members who wanted to help me.


Pool member Emergency

Het is een feit dat kredietkringen zoals Seng verantwoordelijk zijn voor het ondersteunen van ondernemers die op hun beurt banen creëren. Hoe je ze ook noemt – kasmonies, susu’s, tanda’s, cundina’s, leenkringen, ROSCA’s (roterende spaar- en kredietassociaties) – ze werken, en het is tijd om ze uit de kast te halen!

Hendrik-Jan Boerstra

About Seng

Seng is a digital platform that helps you Build Credit, Borrow Cheaper, Invest Better and Save Faster. Seng pledges to create Crowd-Profit Sharing opportunities. Our goal is to reinvest in our social mission that gives communities the tools to create possibilities for themselves which in turn enhances their quality of life. Also when putting all efforts together this makes Eco Project Developments possible.

Seng © 2021 is a product of Stichting Marlin Yard. All Rights Reserved.
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