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Who is $€NG?

$€NG – pronounced as Seng – is a product of Marlin Yard Foundation. Being a non-profit digital platform, we provide ROSCA services to our members to Build Credit, Borrow Cheaper, Invest Better and Save Faster. ROSCA means Rotating Savings and Credit Association, it’s a very old money savings system where members achieve financial goals together.


What is $€NG?

$€NG is built as a Smartphone App through which you access the digital platform. On this platform you can join public and or private money saving pools.  


How to save with Seng

At $€NG or Seng you can save in the following currencies: US Dollar, Euro, Antillean Guilders and Aruban Florins.

  1. You can join one of the public savings pools.
  2. Or create your own private savings pool and invite your own trusted circle of family members, friends and or colleagues to join your private savings pool. With this option you will take on the role as Group Moderator. 
  3. And or invest in “Eco Shares” that enables ecological development projects AND where you will share in the revenues from these projects. 

Start saving together

Most people struggle to meet their personal financial goals. For this reason Seng helps members to save in a structured manner and optimize their creditworthiness while reaching set financial goals.

Seng focuses on the countries within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, these are the Netherlands, Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Sint Maarten, Sint Eustatius and Saba. We also focus on Saint Martin, Surinam and Belgium. If you live within one of these 10 countries then you can start saving together.

Cashflow, easier to arrange

We know how hard it is when you try to put money aside for an emergency. And then to booth you must avoid temptation in using your savings for whatever cause. With Seng, you can rest assured that your most important purchases can be planned and purchased no matter what.

Build credit now

When you join one of Seng’s savings pools you can increase your creditworthiness. Building your credit status contributes to your success in future invitations to join “privileged savings pools” and or applying for personal investments and loans.

How does Seng work?


First, a quick review of how a traditional money pool works. A group of 10 people agree to contribute a fixed amount of money (say $100) on a fixed interval (say monthly). One person is designated as a “Paymaster” who manages the savings pool and keeps it in line to receive the monthly contributions on time. Every time the group pools the money together, one member of the group receives those funds to spend on anything they need. The next month, the same 10 people again make their contribution and the $1,000 is taken by the next member in the circle. This continues until everyone in the group has received their lump sum of money.

Seng mimics this process but digitized as an App that is suitable for Android and iOs (Apple) smartdevice users.

Do you want to work with us?

For individuals who are looking for a part-time source of income, we offer the opportunity to join as a Group Moderator. By taking on this role you can create your private savings pool. Your private savings pool is then automated and can be managed via your mobile phone. You are then responsible for recruiting your own members and for managing this savings pool for as long as it lasts. As a Group Moderator you save with the group. Depending on the number of “savings pools” and the number of members per savings pool and in which currency the deposits are managed, you as a Group Moderator receive a fee for managing pools. This fee can vary between Euro € 10 – € 900 + as additional income per month in this role. This role can eventually be scaled up from part-time to full-time, which will increase the income. Click here for the registration form for the role of Group Moderator.