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Saving alone can be hard, but saving together with other people can help reach your and your peers financial goals faster.

This is why we have $€NG!

$€NG better pronounced as Seng is an informal savings and credit system. It’s developed as an App that people can use to save money in a group through their smartphones. At Seng you can save in the following currencies: US Dollar, Euro, Antillean Guilders and Aruban Florins.

Seng focuses on the countries within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, these are the Netherlands, Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Sint Maarten, Sint Eustatius and Saba. We also focus on Saint Martin, Surinam and Belgium.

Our Mission

Our goal is to reinvest in our social mission that gives communities the tools to create possibilities for themselves which in turn enhances their quality of life. For example, we believe it is important that people should be able to access money through an accessible system that is built on trust and loyalty. In addition we focus on the 6 Sustainable  Development Goals we believe to help make a difference with in the world. 

Reaching Financial Goals Together

Most people struggle to meet their personal financial goals

Build Up Credit

Seng helps to optimize creditworthiness within communities

Seng is an alternative funding source for individuals and business owners. In addition it is a source for financial inequality awareness, communication and education to reach the broader Commonwealth Community.

Therefore Seng organizes events and gives campaigns designed to support “Sustainable Development Goals” projects of the international community. Also it is our aim to provide equality and understanding through education.


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